Social Programs

Study Tour

Dress code: Casual

Kaohsiung Music Center
The architectural design is inspired by the ocean, and the 4 areas are inspired by the shapes of whales, dolphins, corals and giant waves. The whales are 6 small performance spaces designed for events, concerts or presentations. The biggest feature is the green roof, which one can climb up to for an immersive view overlooking the sea. The symbolism of this design is not only that the building is unique, but the team hopes that through the use of it by Kaohsiung citizens, the project will gradually integrate into the local cultural context of Kaohsiung, and become a place full of strong sense of life and diverse enjoyment.

I-RIDE Kaohsiung

The newest giant flying theater. i-Ride features an electrical motion base that is pushed towards a 3-level height giant dome screen. Dangling feet and special effects add to the sensation of soaring through the air. Brogent Technologies is a leader in media based simulator attraction development.
The “i-Ride Panoramic Flying Attraction” is Brogent’s flagship product. i-Ride Flying Theater features simulator, cinema and surround audio video system. Riders will hang suspended, feet dangling, before a 20-metre spherical screen with special effects that create an experience for all senses.

Circular Line KLRT
Kaohsiung Circular Line KLRT not only connects the cross-road network separated by the two MRT lines of Kaohsiung MRT Red Line and Orange Line, but will also connect Taiwan Railway Station in the future. In addition to serving residents, KLRT also facilitates the convenience of tourists who travel to Kaohsiung. The first phase of Kaohsiung has connected many famous tourist attractions in Kaohsiung, such as some important projects in Kaohsiung: Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, 85 Building, Asia New Bay Area , Kaohsiung Music Center, Pier 2 Art Cultural Zone, etc., have become key tools for tourist sightseeing and local transportation. Through this guide, you can see this beautiful city from a different light.”

Welcome Reception & Boat Trip
【Dec. 6 (Tue.) 18:00-20:00】
Dress code: Business Casual
Venue: Outdoor Space, Kaohsiung Exhibition Center

The 2022 41st FIABCI Global Leadership Summit Welcome Reception will be taking place at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center (KEC). In 2021, KEC was selected as the implementing venue for "Cultural Technology: Innovative 5G Vertical Application Project" and has transformed into a 5G high-tech multifunctional venue where it can deliver various innovative 5G industrial technology demonstrations, applications, and services. By setting Venue as a Platform, Technologies as Services, and promoting relevant businesses in the exhibition center, KEC must be the best venue for 2022 41st FIABCI Global Leadership Summit Welcome Reception.

Culture Night
【Dec. 7 (Wed.) 18:30-21:00】
Dress code: Traditional Costume or Business
Venue: Golden Dragon & Phoenix Room, 9F, Grand Hi Lai Hotel

Culture is the most valuable asset in the world. The Organizing Committee would like to invite participants from all over the world to the most interesting activity “Culture Night”! This event aims to communicate with foreign guests who have different culture background. Otherwise, we will set up a catwalk for distinguished guests to show and introduce their own culture. Also, the venue boasts a height of 5 meters, gorgeous crystal lights, as well as a 400-inch LED display. It’s must be the best location for us to interact with people from different countries.

 Jacques Rougerie Foundation International Architecture Awards Winners Announcement & Dinner
【Dec. 8 (Thu.) 18:30-21:30】
Dress code: Business
Venue: The Lin Restaurant

On the third day of the event, after your visit to the major construction projects in Kaohsiung, we will take you to the prime location in Kaohsiung, where we will also hold the "International Architecture Awards" which recognizes property projects that best embodies the excellence in all real estate disciplines, the magnificent venue is believed to perfectly interpret the highest honor represented by the "International Architecture Awards Ceremony" in the industry. The banquet will also be enjoyed here. The splendid guild hall facade and spacious dining venues are second to none in southern Taiwan. It is the best place to entertain and hold business dinners.

Farewell Dinner
【Dec. 9 (Fri.)18:00-21:30】
Dress code: Business
Venue: MLD, Jubilee Hall 

Grand Hi Lai Hotel serves every guests with its "neoclassical" architectural style, magnificent and elegant appearance, exquisite and luxurious interior decoration, and meticulous and considerate service. We are appreciated the distinguished guests who attended the "41st FIABCI Global Leaders Summit" with the ultimate feast with delicious Taiwanese cuisines, beverages, and live performance to leave a good impression on each of you, See you next time!


Accompanying Persons Tour【Dec. 8 (Thu.) 9:00-17:00】 Dress code:  Casual

On the 12/8, we will take you to the famous Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Hall in Kaohsiung. The Buddha Memorial Hall is a building that integrates ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, and has the functions of culture and education. Lunch will take you to enjoy Hilai Vegetable Food. Hilai Vegetable Food is the first vegetable restaurant with a five-star hotel brand in Taiwan, allowing you to experience the Buddhist culture and then taste the deliciousness of vegetable food! In the afternoon, will arrange you to participate in Visit Kaohsiung Music Center,  i-Ride Kaohsiung! Let you have the wonderful experience in Kaohsiung!


Accompanying Persons Tour【Dec. 9 (Fri.) 9:00-17:00】 Dress code: Casual

On the 12/9, we will take you to Meinong. Meinong has a strong Hakka style, and it is also one of the most well-preserved districts of Hakka culture in Taiwan. Entering Meinong Town and participating in the lives of residents is the best way to experience the original flavor of Hakka. Indigo dye are also a major traditional feature. In addition to buying all kinds of beautiful Hakka products and magnificent paper umbrellas, you can also visit the production process or make unique and exclusive Indigo dye. In the afternoon, we will return to the Pier-2 Art Zone in Kaohsiung. The Pier-2 Art Zone is full of various public art works. Let you enjoy about the beautiful culture of Kaohsiung!


Post Summit Tour【Dec. 10 (Sat.) 8:00-21:00】
The Post Summit Tour will take you to participate in the "Taipei Building Show". The exhibition content is diverse, especially green building and green building materials, which is in line with our theme of this conference,” Green recovery”! Lunch will take you to the Courtyard Marriott Hotel enjoy an exquisite buffet, which has always been in the spirit of exploring the world of gastronomy, providing you with an unlimited supply. In the afternoon, we will take you to Taipei 101, which is not only a landmark building in Taiwan, but also has received a lot of affirmation from the international community. The architectural design of Taipei 101 is also towards the direction of environmental protection and energy conservation. After the whole day of activities, you will be taken to the Grand Hyatt Hotel. The restaurant of this hotel provides different types of dining options for you, let you leave the deepest impression of Taiwan.