About Kaohsiung City

A thriving international metropolis at the southern tip of Taiwan, Kaohsiung is the island's largest industrial center. Due to the regulating effects of the marine climate, Kaohsiung is generally sunny and enjoys pleasant weather year-round. Known as "Taiwan's Maritime Capital," the city has worked hard in recent years to develop its tourism industry, including through beautification of the urban landscape.

Kaohsiung is home to several popular visitor sites. It also is an ethnic melting pot, joining Hokkien and Hakka communities, the Pingpu, Tsou, Rukai, Bunun, and Paiwan indigenous tribes, and a military community culture. Overall, a city of glamour not only has unique features of mountain, sea, river, and port but also possesses a rich culture and beautiful cityscape. Taiwan's biggest mall and well-known night markets complete the scene for a thoroughly satisfying trip.

Eating in Kaohsiung
As a “kingdom of delicious food,” Taiwan, a place where the smell of food emanates from every street corner, is acknowledged by the world’s gourmands for the diversity of culinary choices it offers. Through the sophisticated variations thought of by restaurants, local ingredients and produce are turned into authentic Kaohsiung cuisines.

Touring in Kaohsiung
You can take the MRT, LRT, or a bus to discover the brilliant nightlife, stunning views and fascination of this port city. It is worth spending a few days in Kaohsiung to visit a few attractions and alleys where the modern city meets the memories of the old town. You can also have a lot of fun just by walking around the shopping districts.

Asia New Bay Area

Asia New Bay Area is an industrial, exhibition and cultural site located at Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It is a major construction of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan's industrial transformation, in order to promote the urban development of Kaohsiung Harbor and downtown Kaohsiung.

Kaohsiung Exhibition Center
Kaohsiung Exhibition Center is Taiwan's only waterfront multi-purpose convention and exhibition center that combines state-of-the-art exhibition/conference facilities with the comfort and fun of a modern cosmopolitan city in a pleasant subtropical setting. The whole hall provides Wi-Fi wireless broadband Internet access, and the Central Inner Street is equipped with a variety of Chinese and Western restaurants with fashionable tastes. It combines business and leisure services. It is a brand-new international business activity platform and cultural life field in southern Taiwan.

Light Rail Transit (LRT)
Light Rail Transit is in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, operated by Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation. The south part of this line makes use of the defunct tracks of the Kaohsiung Harbour Line. The LRT consists of 14 stations. The stations are designed based on the concepts of comfort and the City’s image, and some characteristic stations are: Cianjhen Star, Cruise Terminal, Love Pier and Hamasen. It’s a new option for residents to commute and for visitors to tour the City. Moreover, it has become an eye-catching mobile landmark of the City.

Kaohsiung Main Public Library
As a gift to the citizens of Kaohsiung city, the Kaohsiung Main Public Library’s permanent commitment is to not only provide citizens with rich collection and a multifunctional facility for reading, learning and recreation but also connect citizens to the community and world and cultivate citizens with vision. In addition, on the top of the building, a huge New Bay Garden provides a beautiful view towards the Harbor Kaohsiung, the largest harbor in Taiwan. The new main library is indeed a green structure in which “the library and the trees come together as one.”

Kaohsiung Music Center
The architectural design is inspired by the ocean, and the 4 areas are inspired by the shapes of whales, dolphins, corals and giant waves. The whales are 6 small performance spaces designed for events, concerts or presentations. The biggest feature is the green roof, which one can climb up to for an immersive view overlooking the sea. The symbolism of this design is not only that the building is unique, but the team hopes that through the use of it by Kaohsiung citizens, the project will gradually integrate into the local cultural context of Kaohsiung, and become a place full of strong sense of life and diverse enjoyment.

Kaohsiung Port Cruise Terminal
Kaohsiung Port Cruise Terminal is located at Pier 19-20 in Asia's New Bay Area. It looks like a silver-white hull with a towering chimney, with a 24-hour coastal walkway on the roof. Open to visitors overlooking the waterfront beauty and adjacent marine culture. The streamlined appearance is like a whale. The design purpose is to achieve the best lighting and ventilation effects. The 1st and 2nd floors provide international cruise inbound and outbound passenger services, and set up souvenir light food area, and duty-free store, shopping and eating are satisfied at one time!

How to Get to Kaohsiung City?
  • Flight: Nonstop flight with average 2 hours flight time.
    Frequent flights from Hong Kong and China to Kaohsiung International Airport.
  • Taiwan High Speed Rail: approximately 1h and 30 min.
    Taipei Station→Zuoying Station|Fare: around NT$ 1,500
  • Taiwan Railways Administration: approximately 3h and 30 min.
    Taipei Station→Kaohsiung Station|Fare: around NT$ 650-850
  • Bus: approximately 4h and 30 min.
    More stations for passengers to alight|Fares: around NT$ 470-730
Local Transport
City Bus Depend on routes
City Center Ferry Depend on routes

For more attractions in Kaohsiung City, please visit the Kaohsiung Travel website.