Entry Restrictions (COVID-19)

Updated Time: 2022-12-1

0-day quarantine + 7-day self-initiated epidemic prevention.

The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that, effective 00:00 on October 13 (incoming flight's scheduled arrival time), arriving travelers will no longer be required to quarantine and will instead undergo a seven-day period of self-initiated prevention after arrival. 


[ Mask Wearing Rules ]

Taiwan to ease current mask mandate and related edidemic prevention measures starting December 1

    1. The requirement that people need to wear a mask at all times outdoors will be discontinued. However, the mask-wearing rules for outdoor, large-scale year-end/New Year’s Eve countdown events will be further discussed based on recent developments in the pandemic situation.
    2. The mask mandate, which requires masks to be worn at all times, will remain in place for indoor settings (including inside a vehicle, such as train, ship, and aircraft). A face mask will not be required in some situations.
    3. People do not need to wear a mask indoors in the following situations, but they should carry one with them or have one ready for use. Masks are still required if COVID-19 symptoms are present and social distancing with unknown persons cannot be maintained: (a) When exercising, singing, or taking individual/group photos; (b) When driving by oneself (driving alone) or with live-in family members; (c) When livestreaming, filming, moderating an event, reporting, delivering remarks, giving a speech, lecturing, or during activities or events involving conversations with others; (d)  When people are in hot/cold springs, dry sauna rooms, spas, steam rooms, saunas, during water activities, or in venues where masks can get wet easily.
    4. Masks may be removed when consuming food/beverages outside.
    5. Masks may be temporarily removed for venues or activities that comply with the CECC’s or competent authority’s epidemic prevention regulations.
    6. Dining venues: toasting each table will no longer be banned at banquets.

    [ Entry Requirements ]

  1.   Restrictions on entering Taiwan can be found HERE.
    • Effective from Aug 15, 2022, R.O.C., all passengers to Taiwan are exempted from providing a PCR test result taken within two days prior to flight schedule time.
    • Passengers who tested positive for COVID-19 must wait over 7 days from their specimen collection date to take a flight to Taiwan.
  2. Testing measures on arrival
    • Effective from Sep. 29, 2022, R.O.C., All passengers travelling to Taiwan are exempted a PCR Test for COVID-19 upon arrival.

Relevant information on epidemic prevention measures can be found HERE.

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