FIABCI World Prix d' Excellence Awards
Kaohsiung Music Center 【  2021 Gold Winner 】

The architectural design is inspired by the ocean, and the 4 areas are inspired by the shapes of whales, dolphins, corals and giant waves. The whales are 6 small performance spaces designed for events, concerts or presentations. The biggest feature is the green roof, which one can climb up to for an immersive view overlooking the sea. The symbolism of this design is not only that the building is unique, but the team hopes that through the use of it by Kaohsiung citizens, the project will gradually integrate into the local cultural context of Kaohsiung, and become a place full of strong sense of life and diverse enjoyment.

Kaohsiung Main Public Library 【  2016 Gold Winner 】

As a gift to the citizens of Kaohsiung city, the Kaohsiung Main Public Library’s permanent commitment is to not only provide citizens with rich collection and a multifunctional facility for reading, learning and recreation but also connect citizens to the community and world and cultivate citizens with vision. In addition, on the top of the building, a huge New Bay Garden provides a beautiful view towards the Harbor Kaohsiung, the largest harbor in Taiwan. The new main library is indeed a green structure in which “the library and the trees come together as one.”

Aozihdi Forest Park 【  2014 Silver Winner 】

Aozihdi Forest Park is a leisure space with an ecological wetland, wooden walkways, bike trails and an ecological information center. The park is planted with a number of trees and flowering plants suited to a tropical Asian climate and which change with the seasons, producing riotous color; moreover, plans for water drainage and water purification have made the forest park into an eco-system, like the first urban park which can breathe.

Zhongdu Wetlands Park 【  2012 Winner 】

Zhongdu Wetland Park is connected to Kaohsiung's green ecological corridor. It is also the largest wetland park in Kaohsiung. It is located on the south side of the Love River. Connecting to the heart of the Love River can form a natural ecological route. Zhongdu Wetland Park occupies a very large area, with suspension bridges, mangrove ecological restoration areas, wooden plank roads, etc. There are very rich and diverse facilities. From here, you can walk on the suspension bridge and enjoy the whole scenery.

Heart of Love River 【  2009 Winner 】

The "Heart of Love River", which combines water and land sightseeing, flood retention ponds and ecological improvement. The bicycle paths and beautiful lakeside scenery here provide citizens with a comfortable sports space, and it has become one of the high-quality leisure spaces in Kaohsiung City.

Kaohsiung Central Park Station/ Formosa Boulevard Station 【  2009, 2010 Silver Winners 】
R9 Central Park Station
R10 Formosa Boulevard Station