Message from the Mayor of Kaohsiung

Dear distinguished guests from the real estate industry,

I am Chi-Mai Chen, mayor of Kaohsiung. In the coming December, the FIABCI Global Leadership Summit will be held in Kaohsiung with elites from all over the world gathering in this prosperous and vigorous city to study the real estate market trend of the world and to explore more investment opportunities. For a long time, the land development industry in Taiwan has worked closely with the government in promoting sustainable happiness of the people. Here, I would extend my sincere gratitude to FIABCI. The infrastructure construction of Kaohsiung has, for several times, won the FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence Awards for which I am most honored and grateful.

Kaohsiung used to be a city of steel and petrochemical industries. In recent years, we have incorporated industries like semi-conductor, smart manufacture, and 5G AIoT to be the axis of the city transformation. Our efforts also include infrastructure enforcement, social housing, education, and public services to build a more livable environment. And we keep improving our investment environment, building low carbon transportation network and enhancing the modern intelligent services. Kaohsiung is certainly a city with endless opportunities.

The theme of this year's FIABCI Global Leadership Summit is“Better Lives with Green Recovery.” I would look forward to your presence in Kaohsiung to bring to us more inspiration. Kaohsiung is ready to share with and to learn from the world. Once again, on behalf of the City of Kaohsiung, I would extend our sincere welcome to all of you ladies and gentlemen. Please spare your time between Dec. 6 and 9 to visit Kaohsiung for the 41st FIABCI Global Leadership Summit.

Chen, Chi-Mai
Mayor of Kaohsiung